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Choral Risers - 3 Tier, Back & Side Rails

Choral Risers - 3 Tier, Back & Side Rails


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Our most popular choral risers, ready for your next event.  Perfect for Choir performances, educational assemblies, as well as media / press platforms.  These choral risers are suitable for just about any situation.

  • Durable carpeted plywood steps in both 18" (457 mm) and 24" (610 mm) depth (24" option offers extra space for choirs that hold their music)
  • Steps can be reversed to create different configurations (tools required)
  • Steel frame


Each Section = 3 Tiers

Each Tier Size = 4' Wide x 18" Deep.  We also offer other sizes.  

Tier Heights

  • 1st Level = 8" High
  • 2nd Level = 12" High
  • 3rd Level = 16" High


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