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Battery Powered Speaker - ADJ APX12 GO BT

Battery Powered Speaker - ADJ APX12 GO BT


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The American Audio APX12 GO BT is a portable, yet powerful battery powered speaker that lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge.

There are a variety of ways to play music from the APX12 GO BT. From making announcements and playing pre-game music at sports events, to impromptu pop-up musical performances, the APX12 GO BT is a versatile tool that can be used in countless ways for a wide variety of different applications. Parade floats, auctions, wedding toasts, car shows, beach parties, camping trips, backyard BBQs...the list is endless. Any situation where music needs playing or a voice needs amplifying, but no power outlet is available, this keenly priced and conveniently portable system delivers.


With a sleek molded plastic design and matte black finish, the speaker enclosure is fitted with a tough protective metal grille on its front. It features a 12" woofer with a 1.5" voice coil paired with a 1" high frequency driver. An internal Class D module provides 65 Watts RMS of amplification for a peak power output of 200 Watts. The system has a frequency response of 40Hz-18KHz and a sensitivity of 93 +/- 2 dB. The APX12 GO BT's internal 700mA 12V battery allows up to 8 hours of use from a single charge, while a handy 4-segment LED battery life indicator provides a snap shot of the amount of charge remaining. An IEC power input socket can be used both for charging and running the system from a wall socket instead of the battery.

American DJ APX12 GO BT 12" Powered Loudspeaker Features:

  • Battery power up to 8 hours of use.
  • Battery life indicator.
  • Bluetooth wireless input.
  • LCD display.
  • Plays MP3 files from USB or SD Card inputs.
  • FM tuner.
  • Includes retractable carrying handle and wheels.
  • Tripod mount on the bottom of speaker.
  • Bluetooth: Pair your playlist from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop wirelessly.
  • SD Card Port: Insert a SD card full of MP3 files and control them from the built-in display.
  • USB Port: Plug in an MP3 player into the built-in USB input and control the music form the built-in display.
  • Mini Jack Input: 1/8-inch mini jack input to play MP3s from an external MP3 player.
  • FM Tuner: Dial into your favorite FM radio station.
  • PA or DJ Mixer: The APX12 GO BT also has XLR In/Out to connect to a traditional PA or DJ mixer.

An internal media player allows direct playback of mp3 audio files stored on either a USB stick or SD memory card. This player also features an FM radio tuner as well as a Bluetooth receiver that allows easy connection of a smartphone or tablet. A large backlit LCD display screen on the rear of the cabinet, alongside dedicated Mode, Play/Pause, Stop, Repeat and Track Skip buttons, provide simple and intuitive control of the media player.

The APX12 GO BT features wheels and a retractable handle making it easy to transport to any indoor or outdoor event. Whether you are doing a presentation, playing music outdoors, or using it to as your background system as you play your favorite instrument or sing your favorite song.

Perfect for rentals or production as well as extending the boundaries of any event. The APX12 GO BT includes a UHF handheld microphone and a wireless remote to control volume and track selection.

This speaker is perfect for...

  • Remote Wedding Ceremonies (beach, farm, hills, forest, just about anywhere)
  • Beaches & Parks
  • Indoor / Outdoor School Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Religious Ceremonies

We do recommend 2 of these for events where more than 20 people are expected outdoors.  

Rental Includes:

(1) Battery Powered Speaker
(1) Speaker Stand
(2) 25' Foot XLR Speaker Cables
(1) 1/8" aux Cable - for laptop, tablet, cell, or mp3 connection


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